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  • the current state of MRAID

    MRAID 2.0 Aims To Make Mobile Advertising Much More Interactive

    IAB's efforts to define common standards for mobile rich media ads through MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition) have been instrumental in helping ad designers go beyond the traditional banners ads and develop interactive ads much more suited to the mobile platform. With more and more consumers consuming the internet through their smartphones, MRAID has helped ad designers businesses leverage the mobile advertising opportunity without worrying too much about the fragmented mobile ecosystem.

    The success of MRAID can also be seen from the fact that IAB recently released the improved version as MRAID 2.0 which offers designers new features to control and improve the ad experience. Some of the key improvements in the recently released MRAID 2.0 are,

    • MRAID 2.0 enables greater consistency in the delivery of rich media ad formats including the new IAM rising stars units. The improved consistency will allow ad designers to run ad creative across different platforms without having to reprogram the logic behind ad creative multiple times to work on different platforms. For example, a lot of mobile ad exchanges have been able to quickly launch MRAID compliant SDKs for Windows 8 mobile support. With the kind of fragmentation in the mobile OS, MRAID 2.0 is definitely a step in right direction for ad designers and ad exchanges helping publishers monetize mobile content

    • MRAID 2.0 provides for more control over expandable ads. While the first version of MRAID provided 4 ad sizes, the new version provides a new method, resize() that allows for more subtle size changes in ad creative. For example, ads can now run within the apps and depending on the need the ad windows can be resized to cover the entire app window or partially allowing the underlying app to be visible

    • MRAID 2.0 allows for more interactive content. MRAID 2.0 builds on the interactive creative guidelines specified in the first version of MRAID 2.0. MRAID v.2 provides a standard way to query a device regarding certain capabilities, offers consistent handling of video creative. MRAID 2.0 also offers two new features adding an entry to the device calendar and

    storing an image in the device photo roll which should allow ad designers to create highly engaging advertisements with better Call To Action (CTA)

    With the success that IAB has seen with MRAID, the revised version is expected to further ease the ad design process on mobile phones and as such lead to more advertising dollars flowing in the mobile ad ecosystem. IABís next plan of action with MRAID is to increase the awareness around MRAID 2.0 through webinar and conferences. It will be interesting to see the progress and adoption of MRAID 2.0 as a unified mobile ad standard.